The reports below are publications by Sida’s Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change.

Sanitation for improved lives of women and children – Seminar report

This seminar report has been compiled by Sida’s Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change. The purpose of the seminar which took place in 2014 at Sida headquarters in Stockholm was to raise awareness about the taboos and difficulties surrounding sanitation specifically as it relates to health and girls’ and women’s menstrual hygiene. The meeting was also a starting point to stimulate dialogue within Sida and among external actors about the relevance of sanitation and hygiene for women’s and children’s health and gender equity, and how Sida and Swedish actors can contribute to breaking oppressive taboos and improve access to adequate sanitation. If we can’t talk about these issues – how can we be relevant development partners?

Prioritising future regional development cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa- a theoretical input.

What is an environmental problem? How do we recognise an emerging environmental problem? In what way is an environmental problem regional? The regional team at the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi has requested methodological support from the Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change to help identify, assess and prioritise regional environmental problems.

Information brief on interlinkages between water and energy as well as updated briefs on support to water and sanitation, including hygiene (2014)

These briefs on water and sanitation including hygiene and energy were launched at the World Water Week in Stockholm 2014.