Input to the in depth assessement of Tanzania Land Tenure Support Programme (2014)

The Land tenure support programme (LTSP) seeks to manage the dual ambitions of identifying land for investments and increasing tenure security for the benefit of local communities. LTSP is a joint programme between the Ministry of Lands and development partners DFID, Sida and Danida.   Jennifer Matafu at the Embassy in Dar es Salaam asked the Helpdesk to comment on programme documents, assess strengths and weaknesses related to environment and climate issues and provide recommendations for Sida, particularly related to the implementation phase.

To improve the programme the Helpdesk underlined the need to strengthen the capacity to assess environment and climate risks and opportunities at various levels of the programme and, to increase transparency related to environment and natural resources aspects of large agricultural projects.

-The comments were very useful. Although the internal process for decision-making is not yet completed I have made use of some of the recommendations. I intend to share the comments with the Ministry of Lands, to be part of LSTP annual plan and budget, says Jennifer Matafu, programme officer at the Swedish Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

For more information contact: Olof Drakenberg