Liberia Environmental and Climate Change Policy Brief (2013)

This Environmental and Climate Change Policy Brief has been prepared as an input to the Swedish results strategy process and in preparation of a new results strategy proposal for the Republic of Liberia. The results strategy is expected to cover the period 2014-2018. The Swedish Government has identified environmental sustainability (MDG 7) including decreased vulnerability to climate change, environmental impact and natural disasters, as one of the entry values to Sida’s results strategy proposal for Liberia.
The working hypothesis is that the new results strategy will have three main results areas: (i) women’s empowerment; (ii) market development and employment; and (iii) transparency and accountability.
The main purpose of this assignment is to briefly analyse and present environmental challenges and opportunities in relation to poverty, conflict, security and development in Liberia, and to propose options on how to mainstream environmental sustainability in the elaboration of the results proposal for Liberia. Furthermore, a few draft results and indicators are proposed and briefly discussed.

Authors: Olof Drakenberg; Frida Andersson; Gunilla Ölund Wingqvist